Marble stone proved to be the leading material for many beautiful projects in history, from ancient Greek statues, Renaissance era’s churches, to the floor of Charles De Gaulle International Airport in Paris. Marble radiates luxuriousness and tradition, thanks to its naturally connected structures, primitive beauty along with sophiticated textures. Upon entering a hotel’s entrance hall cladded with marble stones, you will instantly be enchanted by a luxurious atmosphere, one of the most outstanding expressions of success. You can also engrave this very atmosphere to your building by selecting Marble stone.

For Vietnamese, Marble not only generates sophistication, luxuriousness but also produces many mental values for its users. Vietnamese favors Marble stone for its elegance, compatibility to feng shui, and the health, luck, happiness that Marble can bring about.

To produce the perfect Marble stone for construction, one must go through a long and harsh process. Comprehended the value and beauty that Marble induces for the consumer, CB HITECH had overcome many barriers to discover the beauty of Marble stone hidden deep within the North-Western Mountain, a natural stone reserve that features the abundance and diversity in color that no other area in South East Asia possesses.

Driven by passion, devotion, visionary for the beauty of natural stone, in his relentless pursuit for the beauty of natural stones, Mr. Nguyen Van Cuong – CB HITECH general director – had travelled from mountain to mountain in the North-Western mountain region to discover the most ideal stone quarry in terms of colors, textures, and components.

Eventually, his journey ended up in Yen Bai, where the quintessence of this mountain region’s beauty was found. The Jupiter Grey Stone Quarry was then established as the beginning step to bring the beauty of natural stone, particularly marble stone, to our consumers.

Upon receiving permission from Yen Bai’s authorities, Jupiter Grey Stone Quarry initiated its production, fully equipped with safe, modern and environmental friendly exploitation and transportation equipment.

Similar to Luong Viet Quarry, we prioritized securing the optimal path to the materials so the quarry can reach its greatest potential. Each quarry has its own challenges in separating stone blocks and Jupiter Grey Stone Quarry is no exception. Nonetheless, within the short period of 2 months, by combining modern technology, machinery with the enthusiasm of our personnel, staffs and workers, Jupiter Grey Stone Quarry had found success in securing a path to the peak and removing of impurities, dirt from the stones. Thus, the exploitation of stone blocks can commence.

In order to retrieve beautiful stones of optimal veins and colors, depending alone on modern technology is not enough. Another factor that contributed enormously is the refined eyes of stone professionals and stone lovers in CB HITECH – those who are capable of judging the exploitation method for stone basing on the color and the texture of the stone blocks. Furthermore, driven by their passion and love for stone, as well as their comprehension of the essence and structure of natural stone, director Nguyen Van Cuong and other professionals had figured out the principle at which the stone “flows” through the quarry, and the way to control the stone blocks’ size by alternating cutting styles (vein cut, cross cut), maximizing the dimension and minimizing natural cracks, chipping.

When the method of stone blocks retrieval is determined, the drilling process can begin. The process starts with creating a “bench-shaped wall”. This “wall” will then be divided by cutting parallel to its width, then these smaller stone sections shall be sent to the factory for finalization processing. For this process, cutting and separating stone blocks from the cliffs prove the most challenging. The traditional method of employing explosive is not only dangerous but also hazardous to the environment. Acknowledging this fact, Luong Viet stone quarry has employed the use of innovative technology in exploitation – the 3-point drilling system, which is free of explosion, shock wave, stone ejaculation, tremor, dirt, toxic air pollution.

After the stone slabs have been retrieved, they are moved to the staging areas where they will be cleaned and sorted under the refined eyes of Spanish professionals, according to color, vein and then renumbered to professionally control the selection progress for optimal stone blocks. These selected blocks shall be transported to the stone production factory for cutting and ultimately producing stone products according to our customers’ demands.

Therefore, Jupiter Grey Stone exploitation can be described in three steps as follows:

Step 1: “Descending from the mountain’s peak”, discovering suitable locations to establish the transportation system by surveying, etc. To achieve this, a pathway to the mountain peak must be secured.

Step 2: Employing directional drill, cutting string and cutting machine to cut large stone blocks of dozens of meters in height and width. Then the large stone blocks are flipped over and cut using cutting machines of lesser capacity to divide them so that they can fit into the sawing machines.

Step 3: Using wheel loader to load the finished stone blocks onto trucks for delivering to the stone cutting factory.

The harsh, costly path in delivering the beauty of natural stones to a construction surface can only be accomplished by those who possess deep love and passion toward the beauty of natural stone. Driven by our fascination, passion, enthusiasm to bring beauty to our consumer, CB Hitech and our Jupiter Grey Stone Quarry have been trying our hardest in delivering the beauty of natural stone to the buildings. These values, unshaken by time, will shine brightly on the constructions from Vietnam to all the continents in the worlds.

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